ballet top DELPY & dress | tester round-up

ballet top DELPY & dress | PDF sewing pattern | halfmoon ATELIERI had been planning to launch the dress extension to ballet top DELPY on July 1st, when I instead made decision to pause selling my patterns and update the sizing chart, along with my re-branding going on in the background. While I’d luckily not received any negative feedback from people who’d purchased the pattern (which had, of course, been tested before being launched), a couple of my dress extension testers had pointed out a few bits with the fit of the top that I thought could use a closer look - namely the amount of ease in the bust – and this seemed like the best time to make tweaks and updates.

The moments before taking the decision to simply pull the pattern and do a full re-test were so stressful. But once I took the decision I knew immediately it was the right one. I just felt so happy and excited to get started on making the changes. A lot of work went on in a short time behind the scenes to get it ready for testing, but it was also so energizing! A great group of testers responded right away, from all over the world. Having lived in a number of countries and traveled to even more, it was so fun to know I was working with an international group of women.

This group of testers has been so wonderful to work with. They started off with a bang, giving feedback right away on the nitty gritty, asking questions, helping each other out, sharing fit photos, etc. They taught me so much! For some reason, finalizing this pattern seemed to be a never-ending story. But it did end, and now it’s finally here and ready for the world! Guys, this already great pattern is now just wonderful…if I do say so myself.

In the final pattern, I’ve added a tad bit of the ease back (this is just one of those things that is different for everybody, and every BODY) dropped the bust dart a bit and finished with French Seams. This lovely cami is not just as gorgeous on the inside as on the outside!

Without further ado, I present to you, the testers:

Adriana Chua (instagram: @candlelightstitches)
Adriana Chua | Candlelight Stitches

Pilar Barcelo of Pilar Bear (instagram: @pilar_bear)
Pilar Barcelo | Pilar Bear

Suzy Roberts (instagram: @SuzyRoberts4)
Suzy Roberts

Ana Inês Barros of Ponto no i
Ana Inês Barros | Ponto no i

Lesley de Winter of Frullemieke (instagram: @frullemieke)
Lesley de Winter | Frullemieke

Whitney Holley of Whit Makes (instagram: @whit_makes)
Whitney Holley | Whit Makes

Sarah of Sweet Sprocket
Sarah Boses | Sweet Sprocket

Leah Mask of Lovely for Life (instagram: @lovelyforlife1)
Leah Mask | Lovely for Life

Rita Tavares de Almeida
Rita Tavares de Almeida

Marissa Lockhart of Mini Hipster Designs (instagram: @minihipsterdesigns)
Marissa Lockhart | Mini Hipster Designs

Lucy Kay of The Pesky Partridge (instagram: @thepeskypartridge)
Lucy Kay | The Pesky Partridge

Shaina O'Dell
Shaina O'Dell

Sari Ganulin
Sari Ganulin

Crystal Dawson (instagram: @crystaldaws)
Crystal Dawson | @crystaldaws

Rebecca Pelletier of Vida Doce Art (instagram:
Rebecca Pelletier | Vida Doce Art

Annie Ngo of Oh Sew Ophelia (instagram: @ohsewophelia17)
Annie Ngo | Oh Sew Ophelia

Cristina Guedes
Cristina Guedes

They all did such an amazing job, and I am absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you!

(All photos are property of the the individual testers, respectively.)


  • Hi, I’m wondering if I’ll have to make some bust adjustments since I’m an E or F cup size. Would this be a difficult modification to make? Thanks!

    Alicia Denison
  • Thank you for your interest, Adrienne! Your measurements fit in the size range, so there shouldn’t be a problem at all. You may need to grade between sizes or do a bust adjustment, but otherwise the pattern should work!

    You don’t need to add the fabric amounts. The amount stated under dress is all you’ll need for the dress.

  • Hi. I’d love to get this pattern. I’m a bust size 41” & hip size 40”. Will this be a problem? Also I’m having trouble determining the fabric needed for the dress view A from your chart. Do I add together the amount for the top AND the dress? Thanks.


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