halfmoon retreats for creative entrepreneurs

Join an intimate group of creative entrepreneurs just as dedicated to their business as you. Cut through the overwhelm to find that sweet spot of a thriving business balanced with personal rejuvenation. Leave this retreat with peace of mind of knowing:
+ exactly what tasks you need to take care of the following Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday, ....)
+ to which business goals each task is leading
+ the steps you need to accomplish to reach your 5-year business vision
+ how to monitor whether you're on the right track
+ that you've got a tight knit group of amazing women around you cheering you on all the way!

After having facilitated a successful business retreat in Old San Juan, with exhilarating business breakthrough moments, I am excited to organize and facilitate more of these with like-minded women. These retreats will take place in beautiful, calming locations and will be equal parts mindful rejuvenation and intense, intimate, personalized business planning. Think yoga, craft and strategy here on Saba, in Puerto Rico, or Oaxaca, Mexico. Or further afield in Tofo, Mozambique, or Bali, Indonesia.