My name is Meghann Halfmoon. I am the designer and creator behind the sewing pattern label halfmoon ATELIER. I believe that simple design and simple choices can have a big impact: on the way we feel, on the way we live and on the world! However, choosing fashionable, socially conscious products is still harder than it should be. I can help make it easier.

Well-made foundation pieces help simplify our lives. We need less, but they add more to our closet and leave us feeling polished and put together for all occasions. We can also have a positive influence on the world by choosing to sew with sustainably and ethically made fabrics. By using ethically sourced fabric, we are helping the people – mainly women – who create our textiles. It’s just a drop in the bucket, but that bucket is full of millions of little drops.

My mission is to design simple, unique sewing patterns and facilitate sewists to source sustainable, ethical, organic and fair trade fabric as a small step toward my vision of a world in which sustainable, ethical production is simply standard.


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