sizing matters

We often hear that "size doesn't matter". But if you've ever purchased or sewn a garment that doesn't fit well (I think it's safe to say we all have), then you know that statement is not entirely true.

The wrong key - regardless of size or shape - will not unlock a door. The same goes for our measurements. Our measurements and sizes are not judgements or opinions. They are the magical key to creating a garment that comfortably and beautifully fits our gorgeous bodies. YOU already are the right size! The secret sauce is knowing how to measure your body and choosing the size that corresponds with those measurements.

halfmoon ATELIER sizing table

halfmoon ATELIER patterns were originally available in 10 sizes. More recently, I've improved the range to include 18 sizes, as well as B-cup and D-cup options. At this point, only two of my patterns are available in the improved size range. I will update this space as patterns are updated.

Please also note that I have not been able to find testers for sizes above 16. However, my current testers have encouraged me to keep all of these sizes in my offering, even if a few are not tested. In general, I have fewer testers in my sizes 13 and up. If you measure a size 13 or higher, according to my size chart, and are interested in being a part of my pattern testing process, please feel free to get in contact with me! I have an amazing, fun and supportive group of women who test my patterns, and I'd love to have you as well!


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sewing patterns in IMPROVED sizing:



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sewing patterns in ORIGINAL sizing: