the great contributor search 2019

seeking contributors 2019 | halfmoon ATELIERMNWFS seeking DGSB (or, Married Native/White mix Female Sewist seeking Diverse Group of Sewing Bloggers)

Do you love sewing and posting all about your makes on your Instagram feed or sewing blog? You might be one of the many people I'm looking for! I am searching far and wide for sewists who are interested in creating high quality content for halfmoon ATELIER sewing patterns...and getting paid for it.

I am only one person with one body, but my designs look amazing on bodies of all different shapes, sizes, ages and colors! I’ve therefore decided to look to the sewing community to find a diverse group of sewists who also love writing and photography (there are so many of you out there!!) to create detailed Sew Alongs, Pattern Hack or Adjustment Tutorials and offer Styling Tips. I am pleased to say that I will be financially compensating contributors.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please read further for more info!

A general profile of a halfmoon ATELIER contributor will be someone who:

  • sews adult women’s clothing
  • has a sewing-dedicated social media presence (this can be on Instagram, a blog, YouTube, etc.)
  • takes high quality photos of their sewn garments, both on their body and in close-up detail
  • has a knack for writing sewing tutorials (particularly if they’re interested in contributing Sew Alongs and Pattern Hacks)

Types of contribution:

It is important to note that, while there may be some space for opinion, I am not looking for pattern reviews in this search. I am seeking sewists who enjoy creating clear, quality tutorials and styling tips posts. These posts will “live” on my website and will therefore need to adhere to some basic branding guidelines. You are however more than welcome to re-post the content on your own blog as well, if you’d like.

Sew Along tutorials will comb through the sewing instructions and provide support to sewists through high quality photography, additional instruction detail, tips & tricks and possible alternative sewing methods. (Examples of what I consider high quality sewalongs are here, here and here.)

Pattern hack tutorials will offer step-by-step instruction and high quality imagery to use the sewing pattern as a base from which to create other designs. (Examples of what I consider high quality hack tutorials are here, here and here.)

Pattern styling posts are inspirational “how to wear” posts. These will offer 5 styling tips and ideas and will focus more on imagery. (Examples of what I consider high quality pattern styling posts are herehere and here.)

Please Note! The patterns currently available in my shop go up to the following bust, waist, hip measurements: 112cm, 96cm, 122cm (44”, 37¾”, 48”). However, with my next pattern release I will be adding 8 new sizes to my range. The new patterns will therefore go up to the following bust, waist, hip measurements: 160cm, 144cm, 170cm (63”, 56¾”, 67”).

Applications are now closed for the Great Contributor Search. Thank you so much for your interest!


I will carefully look through all applications and contact each applicant no later than May 1st to inform them of my decision. Thank you so much!


  • I’ve only just discovered you and cant wait to try a pattern,I’m @bomblesandmookin on insta and this would have been ideal for me. Please think of me if you have an opening (I’m also on meanwhile I’ll follow and sew

    Lorna Parker
  • How very exciting!! I’m so happy I found this post before the deadline. Application has been sent – phew! Looking forward to the new sizes, and to trying out every one of these gorgeous patterns! The very best of luck in your search!!

    Amber Last

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