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The halfmoon 101 JEANS are pretty much my dream jeans. While they might not be everybody's cup of tea, they are everything I've always loved from my classic RTW (ready-to-wear) jeans +PLUS what I missed from those -MINUS what I didn't really care for. It's amazing how difficult it can be to find the simplest, most basic jeans. So, I made them! 

What was I looking for? The key details I wanted in my perfect pair of jeans are:

+ non-stretch
+ nice and snug in the hip/bum area and the top of the thigh
+ straight from around the knee on down
+ low waist, because high waist tends to give me a tummy ache
+ high enough in the back that I'm not showing off my back side

Finding all of these features in one pair of jeans remained elusive. I very often find nearly what I'm looking for...but with a higher waist. While I think this style looks amazing on most bodies, it just isn't comfortable for me. High waists tend to give me a pretty bad tummy ache by the end of the day (if I'm sitting a lot that day). That's why many of the images here show a higher waist jean. 

101 JEANS styling

(top: 1234 | center: 5, 6, 7, 8 | bottom: 9, 10)

So far, I've made this pattern 4 times - two ankle-length jeans, one full-length and one as shorts. And I am still looking forward to making more! I so often think I'd like to "step it up a notch" with how I dress. But, let's be honest, I am a jeans-and-t-shirt girl through and through.

halfmoon 101 JEANS

So, which length will you make? And, with what fabric? If I may, I very highly suggest first rummaging through the closets of a friend or family member who is a bit larger than you. If you don't have one of those, maybe you have access to a local thrift shop. You can use old jeans - and maybe even the zipper! - to make a new pair with the halfmoon 101 JEANS to fit your perfect measurements but that already have that amazing worn in look and feel! 

Not into the look of repurposed jeans? Or perhaps you've been banned from your partner's closet after stealing all the old jeans? The fabrics below are mostly organic or deadstock and would make a fabulous pair of halfmoon 101 JEANS! (Hardware inspo at the end.)

WHITE (keep it white, or dye it any fun color you'd like!!)

white denim

100% Organic Cotton Denim | Organic Cotton Plus | 12oz | ships from USA



blue denim 101 jeans

100% Organic Cotton Denim Marin | Amandine Cha | 200 gsm | ships from France
100% Organic Cotton Denim | Rawganique | 8oz | ships from USA
Double Slub Selvage Denim (100% USA made) | Huston Textile | 9.75oz (330gsm) | ships from USA
River Valley Denim by Merchant & Mills | Five Arrow Fabrics | 11.5oz | ships from Canada



black denim 101 jeans

Japanese Popcorn Deadstock | Blackbird Fabrics | 12oz | ships from Canada
100% Organic Denim | Stoffbotin | 7.4oz | ships from Germany
Black Washed Denim | Simplifi | 330gsm/10oz | ships from Canada
Brushed Black Bull Denim | Blackbird Fabrics | 9oz | ships from Canada



corduroy 101 jeans

100% Organic Corduroy in Aubergine | Stoffbotin | 218gsm (6.4oz) | ships from Germany
100% Organic Cotton Turquoise Corduroy | De Steek | 350gsm | ships from the Netherlands
100% Organic Cotton Corduroy | Siebenblau | 320gsm | ships from Germany
100% Organic Cotton Ebony Corduroy | Woven Stories | ships from Australia



jeans making hardware kits

+ Matte Black buttons | Blackbird Fabrics | ships from Canada
+ Pewter jeans hardware kit (Kylie and the Machine) | Hello Heidi Fabrics | ships from Switzerland
+ Button fly hardware kit | Maai Design | ships from Australia
+ Kylie and the Machine jeans hardware kit | Rick Rack Textiles | ships from Canada


So many lovely options! Be sure to grab your halfmoon 101 JEANS pattern here, and don't forget to admire the testers as well. Happy sewing!

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