midi skirt ROMA | fabric inspiration

midi skirt ROMA | PDF pattern | fabric insipration

Are you planning out your next midi skirt ROMA? Or having a hard time deciding which fabric to use for your first? With so many beautiful options out there, and a growing number available online, making that final decision is not easy!

At some point, I’m planning on making a ​​ROMA ​​in a white lightweight denim or twill fabric and doing some Shibori dyeing. Can you imagine how beautiful that would be?! This Shibori dying kit looks like it has everything you’d need to get started. This white organic cotton twill would be a fabulous base to work some dyeing magic!

shibori indigo dye + white twill

To help you along your way, here is some beautiful inspiration:


From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Organic Cotton Gingham | The Draper's Daughter | ships from UK
  2. Lightweight Organic Denim | Sew Natural | ships from the Netherlands
  3. Plaid Organic Broadcloth | Organic Cotton Plus | ships from USA
  4. Gold Organic Barkcloth | Simplifi Fabrics | ships from Canada & USA
  5. Hemp & Organic Cotton Stripe | Earth Indigo | ships from Canada
  6. Organic Cotton Herringbone | Miss Maude Sewing | ships from New Zealand
  7. Medium-weight Organic Denim | Sew Natural | ships from the Netherlands
  8. Hemp & Organic Cotton Canvas | Simplifi Fabrics | ships from Canada & USA

Remember, the ROMA sewing pattern is meant for wovens, but it’s also really easy to modify it for knits! You’ll simply need to go down a size or two, depending upon the stretch of the particular knit fabric you’ve chosen. That doesn’t make it any easier to decide though…does it? Sorry, and your welcome😊 

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