midi skirt ROMA | tester round-up

Exactly one year after launching the midi skirt ROMA pattern as my very first sewing pattern, I am re-launching the new and improved ROMA! This skirt was my best-selling product when I designed, made and sold finished handmade products. As it is such a simple yet unique design, it seemed only natural to use it as my first pattern. I am so happy I did!

The original pattern was available in seven sizes and had two view options. Having decided to update my sizing chart  to include 10 sizes and to add another view option, coupled with the re-branding that I was starting, I decided to simply push pause on the sale of my patterns and do a full re-test. I felt so lucky and honored to receive so many offers to help test! 

A group of 12 amazing women from four countries, covering all 10 sizes and a range of sewing skills, committed their time and fabric to sewing the midi skirt ROMA and providing detailed feedback to help ensure that halfmoon ATELIER sewing patterns are of the very highest quality! I’ve linked to blog posts and Instagram accounts where available so that you can read about their personal experiences and opinions on sewing the midi skirt ROMA.

Allow me to present to you these wonderful women and their fabulous midi skirts ROMA!

Rachel Barnes of Oak Blue Designs (instagram: @oakbluedesigns)
Rachel Barnes | Oak Blue Design | midi skirt ROMA


Kten Perkis of Jinx & Gunner (instagram: @jinxandgunner)
Kten Perkins | Jinx & Gunner | midi skirt ROMA


Jennifer Marques of Jenny Maker (instagram: @jenny.maker)
Jen Marques | Jenny Maker | midi skirt ROMA


Katie Didow of Passion & Pins (instagram: @passionandpins)
Katie Didow | Passion and Pins | midi skirt ROMA


Adriana Chua (instagram: @candlelightstitches)
Adriana Chua | Candlelight Stitches | midi skirt ROMA


Karen Bakia of Fabrics of Color (instagram: @karensewfab)
Karen Bakia | Fabrics of Color | midi skirt ROMA


Ana Inês Barros of Ponto no i
Ana Ines Barros | Ponto no i | midi skirt ROMA


Suzy Roberts (instagram: @SuzyRoberts4)
Suzy Roberts | midi skirt ROMA


Jenice Anderson of California Native Jewelry (instagram: @canativejewelry)
Jenice Anderson | California Native Jewelry | midi skirt ROMA


Val Thompson (instagram: @Valiantly_sewn)
Val Thompson | Valiantly Sewn | midi skirt ROMA


Cristina Guedes
Cristina Guedes | midi skirt ROMA


Lillian Vernell (instagram: @_lillianvernell)
Lilly Vernell | midi skirt ROMA 
I am so thankful to you all!
(Photos are thanks to the individual testers.)

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