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Erin Little halfmoon ATELIER photo shoot

So, this professional photo shoot with Erin Little happened and *AAAHHH* it was so, so wonderful! What a difference it makes having a professional to shoot!

Erin Little halfmoon ATELIER photo shoot boat neck Anegada view B

In less than two full days of shooting we created over 3000 images and got everything from cut-outs to styled flat lays, white wall background to gorgeous lifestyles. I cannot wait to get them all back so I can share them with you here on my website.

Erin Little halfmoon ATELIER photo shoot ballet top DELPY

The difference between taking my own photos and those of a professional is so amazing to me. Rather than just being a basic photo, the way Erin is able to compose simple shots and work with the light really grasps the mood and brings the texture and feeling of the fabric to life.

Luckily, I even managed to get samples made up of my two Spring 2018 patterns, so I’ve got photos of those too (tease, tease). Yay! What you’re seeing here is just the tip of the glorious iceberg.

Erin Little halfmoon ATELIER photo shoot Spring 2018 pattern tease

Not only did we get tons of great shots, but I also made a lovely new friend! This was Erin’s first time to the tropics, so she brought her daughter and partner along to share the experience with her. Saba is such a different place, starting with landing at the airport - which is more or less the only flat area on the island - to climbing up the volcano on the steep road past the white houses with red roofs. It's really fun to re-live those first moments with guests and we had such a good time sharing our special island with them. 

Erin Little halfmoon ATELIER photo shoot kids silouhette

My kids took her daughter to their secret hideout where they swing like Tarzan on the vines. We drank the BEST gin + tonics EVER! And we had a gorgeous picnic at Well’s Bay, after which we sang Hey Jude at the top of our lungs, all piled together in our tiny car on the way home. It really was a memorable week!

Erin Little halfmoon ATELIER photo shoot picnic Well's Bay

photos by Erin Little Photography

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