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Do you ever wonder about all the people, in all different parts of the world, involved in the cotton-field-to-sewing-room-table process of making fabric? The discussion on who makes our clothing is becoming bigger and louder, but it’s not always easy to find the basic facts about the fabric we use when we make our own clothing.

I am no expert in textiles or sustainability, but I do know that we are not so indirectly tied to the people making the fabric that ends up on our sewing room tables. That’s why I try to do my best to ensure that my consumer practices are not harming people in other parts of the world. I lean toward purchasing organic cotton and other sustainably and ethically produced fabrics…but what is that? And what about some of my other favorite fabrics that are “designer”, but not labeled as organic?

I want to learn more, and I’d like to start sharing that with you on my website and in newsletter. Some of the questions I’ll be looking to answer for myself this year are:

+ Is organic better, and is it sustainable?
+ What are the main certifications to look for?
+ Are non-certified fabrics necessarily synonymous with un-sustainable and un-ethical?
+ What about Japanese and designer fabrics, like Nani Iro or Liberty of London?

    I have a hunch about some of the answers, but I’d like to clear it up a bit more and find some evidence-based answers. When I do, I’ll let you know!

    In the meantime, take a look at the new page on my website – ETHICAL SOURCES – to find a growing list of online businesses selling ethical and sustainable fabric. All businesses listed sell 100% sustainable products (* indicates affiliate links). Do you know of a business that should be listed here? Please, let me know!

    My goal is to grow this list so that my site becomes the go-to site for sewists searching for sustainable fabrics, similar to how the Diary of a Chainstitcher blog is a go-to source for finding Indie Pattern Designers.

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