me made may 2017 | week 4

We made it through the month! Well....I kind of did. I skipped taking any photos the last weekend of the month. Did I cheat? Well, yes, kind of...pretty much. I wore a ready-to-wear jumpsuit. But, in my defense, it is really old - as most of my RTW clothes are - and I did add some very thin straps to it. I also wore me-made, self-drafted underpants one of those days, but I couldn't think of a tasteful way to get that photo in there. All that, combined with selfie-fatigue, led me to decide that it would be just fine to take the weekend off.

You'll also notice that there are a number of repeats. Considering I live on a tropical island, it's a rare occasion that my shirts are clean enough to wear a second time before washing. It's been on the cooler side lately though, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to not add to the laundry pile. 

Here's what I wore in week 4 + my special MMM18 hopeful at the end:

Me Made May 2017 | week 4 | days 22 & 23

Me Made May 2017 | week 4 | days 24 & 25

Me Made May 2017 | week 4 | days 26 & 27

Me Made May 2017 | week 4 | days 28 & 31

(From left to right, top to bottom)


day 22 

top: self-drafted t-shirt in organic cotton knit fabric from Sew Natural

bottom: self-drafted underpants in the same fabric


day 23

top: self-drafted racerback tank top with ribbed organic stretch knit from Nosh Organics

bottom: up-cycled jean shorts using my own tutorial 


day 24

top: self-drafted oval t-shirt with organic jersey from Nosh Organics (different color)

bottom: self-drafted underpants in the same fabric & up-cycled jean shorts using my own tutorial


day 25

dress: a freshly up-cycled maxi-skirt-turned-strapless-dress! Tutorial coming soon!


day 26

dress: the very same dress as day 25! Then, to go out to dinner that evening, I added a classic white button-up that I've had for over a decade.


day 27

top: self-drafted boat-neck envelope-shoulder sleeveless top (pattern coming soon!) in organic loop-back sweatshirting by Nosh Organics

bottom: thrifted baggy jeans and a no-sew scrap leather belt


day 28

whole outfit: the EXACT SAME as day 27


days 29 & 30

took the weekend off from Me Made May


day 31

finishing off the month of Me-Mades with my own patterns!

top: ballet top DELPY in Nani Iro double gauze

bottom: midi skirt ROMA in hand-dyed, hand-woven organic denim-like cotton from TextielFabrique


And to close off the month, my sweet little daughter would like to proudly present her very first sewing project! Well done, Loula!


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