ballet top DELPY | fabric inspiration

ballet top DELPY | fabric inspiration

Have you made your ballet top DELPY yet? Or are you struggling to decide which fabric to use for you first one?

I currently have three DELPYs - including one dress - in rotation in my wardrobe, all in different fabric types. I made my double gauze top using a gorgeous print that I had left over from other pieces. I then made a dress using a beautiful lightweight chambray. I can't remember off the top of my head where I got it, but it's a similar weight and hand to the red chambray I have linked below at Organic Cotton Plus*. Most recently, I decided to try out my own DELPY pattern in a knit flame that I had stockpiled from NOSH Organics. The print I have is no longer available on their site, but they've got a couple nice solids and some fun new prints! Here is a bit of inspiration to get you started on your own DELPY...all with a clear conscience!

ballet top DELPY | fabric inspiration

From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Wanderlust Lawn | Honey Be Good | ships from USA
  2. Cotton Linen Chambray | Organic Cotton Plus | ships from USA
  3. Organic Cotton Voile | Sew Natural | ships from the Netherlands
  4. Double Gauze | Organic Cotton Plus | ships from USA
  5. Organic Cotton Voile | Pure Coverz | ships from the Netherlands
  6. Organic Cotton Flame | Nosh Organics | ships from Finland
  7. Organic Cotton Jersey | Nosh Organics | ships from Finland
  8. Organic Cotton Jersey | Georgette | ships from Belgium

Before making my most recent DELPY in a knit, I was hoping that I could simply use one size down without any other modifications to account for the slight stretch from the knit. And, yes! A perfect fit! There is no elastane in the flame, only the stretch that comes from the fact that the fabric is knit, not woven. I can imagine that using a fabric with elastane would simply mean going down a size-and-a-half or two full sizes, depending on the thickness and amount of stretch. I'll write a small tutorial soon on the knit DELPY, because I did hack it a bit to get the bow-tie shoulder. I'll also be releasing a dress extension pack sometime in the not-too-distant future. I wear my dress a lot! 

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  • I’m so glad you asked, Karen! I do sell my patterns right here on my site. It seems I had accidentally changed something that hid them all a couple days ago. Sorry! They’re back up and all available for purchase and instant download again:)

    Meghann Halfmoon
  • Hello, I love your patterns and your approach to living. I wonder if you sell your patterns only. For some reason, I couldn’t find them. I find that shipping from the US with the Canada/US exchange rate differential quite costly. I also couldn’t find the shipping costs. Must be me, I’m thinking. Thanks so very much.

    Karen Hurst

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