boat neck ANEGADA | tester round-up

boat neck ANEGADA tester round-upThe dedication of the women who test sewing patterns for me is so incredibly heartwarming, it actually brings tears to my eyes. These are women whom I’ve never met in person, who commit to working under deadline and spending their precious time and fabric sewing up a pattern that, by its very nature, is imperfect. All so that I can offer you a highest quality patterns possible.

boat neck ANEGADA |  PDF sewing pattern by halfmoon ATELIER | Pilar Barcelo

Yet again, my testers have proven to be amazing sewists of all different levels who have offered valuable feedback. Several of them have also now made multiple ANEGADAs! With their help, boat neck ANEGADA has become a pattern that I am hugely proud of and so excited to be offering to the sewing community. 

boat neck ANEGADA |  PDF sewing pattern by halfmoon ATELIER | Adriana Chua

I designed the original boat neck ANEGADA (view A) for my AW2015 capsule collection, back when I was making + selling handmade finished goods. There is something about the design that is so perfectly simple and basic, yet it has this unique touch. The unstructured, raw boat neck design and drape of the fabric give view A more of a cowl neck. View B has a cleaner boat neck with small box pleats at the center. Depending on your choice of fabric, this universally flattering single pattern can truly take you from the gym to the opera and is sure to become an absolute favorite in any capsule wardrobe.

Without further ado, please give a round of applause for the amazing testers!!!


Adriana Chua | @candlelightstitches | view A
Adriana Chua | @candlelightstitches


Jennifer Lee | @1000hoursofsewing | view B
Jen Garvic | 100 Hours of Sewing


Sally Halfmoon | my mama, who taught me how to sew | view B
Sally Halfmoon | boat neck ANEGADA


Katie Kennedy | @kak513 | view A + B
Katie Kennedy | boat neck ANEGADA | Katie Sews Things


Nadine Swart | @nadine.swart | view A
Nadine Swart | boat neck ANEGADA



Lucy Kay | @thepeskypartridge | view B + A
Lucy Kay | boat neck ANEGADA | The Pesky Partridge


Kten Perkins | boat neck ANEGADA | Jinx & Gunner


Tiffani Laye | @tiffanilaye | view A
Tiffani Laye | boat neck ANEGADA


Fenna Bredenhof | view B
Fenna Bredenhof | boat neck ANEGADA | Fabulous Home Sewn


Rachel Barnes | @oakbluedesigns | view A + B
Rachel Barnes | boat neck ANEGADA | Oak Blue Designs


Ana Inês Barros | view B
Ana Inês Barros |  boat neck ANEGADA | Ponto no i


Maegan Raeside | @maeraeside | view B + A
Maegan Raeside | boat neck ANEGADA


Karina Kayes | @kmkauckland | view A
Karina Kayes | boat neck ANEGADA


Christina Forss | view A
Christina Forss | boat neck ANEGADA


Jenny Jerome | @iamjennyjerome | view A
Jenny Jerome | boat neck ANEGADA


(All photos are property of the the individual testers, respectively.)

boat neck ANEGADA |  PDF sewing pattern by halfmoon ATELIER | Meghann Halfmoon


  • So sorry for the late reaction, Bonnie! Yes, the different necklines are indeed included in the pattern.

    Meghann Halfmoon
  • Are the different neckline options – binding/no-binding, gathers, pleats – included in the pattern?


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