wrap top + dress VONDEL | tester round-up

Friends, my amazing testers have done it again! The wrap top VONDEL has been my most technical design to date, so I was really nervous going in to testing. I worried about the shoulder yoke being all off and the fit of the dress not being right. I had made a mistake about which sleeve I included in the tester pattern, but that was luckily an easy switch after testing, thanks to the detailed feedback these women all offered. Their time, effort, fabric and dedication has been crucial in creating this beautiful pattern that I am so proud to offer to the world!

Give it up for the testers!!


Anne @sewanemone

Anne | @sewanemone on Instagram

Anne | @sewanemone on Instagram


Hannah @_hannah_homemade_

Hannah | @_hannah_homemade_ on Instagram

Hannah | @_hannah_homemade_ on Instagram


Melissa @ahappystitch | A Happy Stitch

Melissa | @ahappystitch on Instagram

Melissa | @ahappystitch on Instagram 


Sonia @soelimano | Begonia Sews

Sonia | Begonia Sews


Kten @jinxandgunner | Jinx & Gunner

Kten | Jinx & Gunner


Juli Brown @julesrae82

Juli | @julesrae82 on Instagram


Sylke @made_by_sylli

Sylke | @made_by_sylli on Instagram 

Becky @vida.doce.art

Becky | @vida.doce.art on Instagram 

Linda @lindaminnisWerkende Moeder

Linda @lindaminnis | Werkende Moeder 

Mariz @mariz_666

Mariz | @mariz_666 on Instagram


Take a look at this post for plenty of fabric + styling inspiration. The head on over to the shop and grab your wrap top VONDEL pattern. Happy sewing!


*photos courtesy of the testers


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