ballet top + dress DELPY | SEW ALONG Day 4

DAY 1 | Stay, Darts, Gather and Pocket

DAY 2 | Bodice/Dress Body

DAY 3 | Facings, Attaching Facings to the Bodice/Dress


DAY 5 | Hemming, Pressing

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along

written by Joanne Yusuf

We are almost done constructing our garment, today we will focus on shoulders, all in one facing (video provided) and gathering our center front. Please refer back to previous steps in the sew along if you are not yet to these final steps.

Step 17. Shoulders. Starting with the facing, pin the front of the straps to the back straps, right sides together and notches lined up. Sew. Do the same on the bodice/dress: pin the front straps to the back straps, right sides together and notches lined up, sew.

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along

Trim and press the seam allowances of the facing straps to the front and the bodice/dress straps to the back.


Step 18. All-In-One Facing. Place your garment inside out, so that you are looking at the right side of the facing (the bodice/dress and facing are now wrong sides together).

One strap at a time, place your hand between the facing and bodice, take a hold of the shoulder seams, and pull the strap through to the front so that the gaps are fully exposed. The facing and the bodice/dress are now right sides together at the shoulder seam.

Flattening the straps as much as possible, sew the sides of the strap to join the seams on either side of the shoulder strap. 

Do the same for the other strap. Give your garment a good press.

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along


Step 18. Gather. Turn your garment right side out and create the gather by gently pulling on the bobbin threads at the bottom of the gather stitch on both the bodice, or dress, and the facing. The final length of the gather will vary depending on your preference, but is likely to be approx. 7 to 10 cm (2 ¾” to 4”) when gathered.

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along


Step 19. Secure the gather by sewing directly over it-either the bodice/dress and facing separately, or joining them together with either a straight or zig-zag stitch, but note that this will be visible. I chose to sew the dress and facing together with a zig-zag stitch.

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along


We are done for today! Wonderful job finishing those shoulders and front gathers, isn’t it really looking beautiful? We are on the home stretch and almost complete with our Ballet top dress DEPLY! Tomorrow we will finish my hemming and pressing- see you then!


Joanne Yusuf | Sewing blogger

Joanne Yusuf lives in the Pacific Northwest, she is a self taught sewist and sewing blogger. Joanne is committed to sewing a sustainable wardrobe using second hand and eco friendly textiles whenever possible. She hopes to inspire others to practice simplicity and mindfulness through the art of creating.

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