ballet top + dress DELPY | SEW ALONG Day 5

DAY 1 | Stay, Darts, Gather and Pocket

DAY 2 | Bodice/Dress Body

DAY 3 | Facings, Attaching Facings to the Bodice/Dress

DAY 4 | Shoulders, All-In-One Facing, Gathers


ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along

written by Joanne Yusuf

Congratulations! You made it to the last day of the ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along! Today we are hemming the raw edge of our garment. If you are sewing the top Please follow step 20. For the dress skip ahead to step 21.

Step 20. TOP ONLY.  Hem the bottom. Fold the raw edge up by 1cm (⅜”) press. Then fold up again by 2.5 cm (1”). Press again. Pin and edge- stitch.  

Please see the image on the instructions page 15 step 10 for the hem of the top.

Step 21. DRESS ONLY.  Please refer back to steps 5 and 6 (day one of the pocket construction) or follow the tutorial on the instructions page 7 how to sew a curved hem. Place the dress inside out. Fold the raw edge up by 0.5 cm (¼”), wrong sides touching, and press. Fold again by 1 cm (⅜”). Press and pin. 

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along

Continue this up the side, on both sides of the seam, to the edge-stitches sewn in step 13 on Day 3 or step 3B in the pattern constructions.

Step 22. Turn dress right side out. Starting at the front, edge-stitch down the side seam, around the rounded corners and bottom, joining with the back edge-stitch. (Tip: you may want to pin the facing up to keep it out of the way) 

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along

Reinforce the rounded slit by sewing two short parallel lines just above the curve ( where the notches were) Give your new garment a good press over the hem and body!


ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along


HOORAY BE PROUD! Congratulations! You have completed the ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along! I hope you found this sew along helpful and love your new garment. Thank you for following along, be sure to tag your sewing process or finished make on social media using the hashtag #balletdressdelpy or #ballettopdelpy and tag @halfmoonatelier so we can see!


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