ballet top + dress DELPY | SEW ALONG Day 3


DAY 1 | Stay, Darts, Gather and Pocket

DAY 2 | Bodice/Dress Body


DAY 4 | Shoulders, All-In-One Facing, Gathers

DAY 5 | Hemming, Pressing

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along

written by Joanne Yusuf

Today we will be constructing our facings of the ballet top + dress DELPY and attaching them to the bodice/dress! The steps for the top and the dress are the same. Again we are working on Version A.

Let’s get started!

Step 12. Using French Seams, sew the front and back facings together, at the sides, under the arms (also both sides for the DRESS). Press the seams to the front.

Please refer back to steps 7 and 8 in Day 2 for construction method of French Seams

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along


Step 13. Finish the bottom of the facing, being sure not to cut off or cross the gather stitch or loose thread tails. Fold the bottom edge up, toward the wrong side, by 0.5cm (¼”) and press. Then fold up again by 1cm (⅜”). Press, pin and edge-stitch.

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along


Step 14. With the bodice/dress right side out and the facings wrong side out, place the facing wrong side out, place the facing around the bodice ( so that right sides are together), matching up the straps, darts and markings. Pin around the neck, back and under the arms.

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along

IMPORTANT: Tie a knot at the top of the gather stitch on both the facing and the bodice, and do not sew across the gather stitch.


Step 15. Sew around the neck, back and underarms with a straight stitch, leaving the last 5cm (2”) of each strap open. Trim the seam allowances around the neck, back and underarms to about 0.5 cm (¼”).

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along

To avoid ripples, clip into the seam allowance (including through the stay-stitch, if this was not trimmed off) at the curved bits, being sure not to clip the seam.


Step 16. Turn your garment right side out and press the seam allowance and facing away from the bodice/dress. Under-stitich around the neck, back and underarms on the right side of the facing, as far as possible, between the straps.

ballet top + dress DELPY Sew Along

Note: You will not be able to under-stitch along the entire seam. Don’t worry about this!


That is all for today! We are so close to completing our garment. Next we will have steps to finish the shoulders using an all in one facing technique,and finishing gathers on the front of the bodice/ dress.


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