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halfmoon 101 JEANS

This is a temporary blog post that I will keep up for the duration of the halfmoon 101 JEANS Sew Along. Once we've complete our jeans, this post will go away, but all the posts with photos and information will remain and can always be found here on the blog. This post is simply to let you know when you can expect the blog posts to be published, and also to let you know when you can find me "live" on Instagram/IGTV. 

**Please note that dates are subject to change! I want this Sew Along to be as responsive to your questions and needs as possible. Because of that, the Sew Along may take a bit more time. Updates will be posted here.

Blog posts that were published before the start of the Sew Along can be found here:

Date Topic
Monday, February 1st

Sew Along Day 1 - Getting started

  • Gathering supplies
  • Measuring your body
  • Predicting adjustments
  • Printing your pattern
Tuesday, February 2nd

Sew Along | Day 2 - Adjustments

Wednesday, February 3rd

Sew Along | Day 3 -

How to harvest / reclaim / upcycle denim from old jeans
  • What to look for in old jeans
  • How to unpick old jeans
  • What about the waist?
  • Benefits to reclaiming old denim
Friday, February 5th

Sew Along | Day 4 - Baste-fitting your jeans

  • Muslin conundrums
  • Sewing your muslin / baste-fit garment

I'll also be going LIVE on IGTV again very briefly to answer last questions before we sew our baste-fit garment.

Saturday, February 6th

Baste fitting LIVE on IGTV

Come sew with me! I'll be sewing my baste-fit garment from 1pm my time. You can watch and sew along and ask questions along the way. 

Tuesday, February 9th

Sew Along | Day 5 - Jeans prep + back pocket designs

  • Steps 1 - 5 of the sewing instructions
  • Ideas for back pocket designs!

Tuesday, February 23rd

Sew Along | Day 6 - Pockets + yokes

  • Steps 6 + 8
  • Notice that we're going off-instruction and skipping Step 7 for now (that will be on its own)
Friday, March 5th

Sew Along | Day 7 - Zipper + Button fly

Friday, March 12th

Sew Along | Day 8 - Sewing all the seams

  • Steps 9 - 12
Friday, March 19th

Sew Along | Day 9 - Finishing!

  • Finishing your jeans
  • Adding the hardware

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